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Nov 17, 2005



What do you want to teach?


English, Philosophy, or Religion . . . but English or Philosophy most of all.


Hi, I was just curious as to what you found so striking about Visitation specifically, if you can put your finger on it. As a student there, I am very interested in what positive things you perceived. I agree with you; I find it very beautifully different, and I think I am beginning to learn why I feel this way.



Welcome to my blog . . . did the guy in Australia tell you about it? lol . . .

I think what struck me about Visitation was the freedom and the responsibility given to you all in front of your education. There didn't seem to be a lot of "patroling" your behavior which was common in my high school. I wonder if it isn't primarily because it is an all girls school.

I also felt like, for the most part, your teachers take you seriously. It didn't seem like you were treated like children, but rather a certain maturity was expected of you.

I also think that the feel of the place adds to the non-institutional quality. I mean, you're in a building that has the feel of a fancy convent. There is a warm and familiar atmosphere.

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