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Dec 09, 2005



I agree. Except that CL is technically "pre-Vatican II", isn't it?!

We just said farewell to a School of Community friend who's a Methodist!

John Wesley certainly helped me to understand "faith" during my conversion to the Catholic Church too...

stephen m. bauer

In response to the above comment: Vatican II has been described to me as a response to changes that had already taken place in the world and the church. As such, I consider the growth of the seed that was to become Communion and Liberation to have been one of those changes, as well as it being a change led by the Holy Spirit. I opine that it was and still is the best antidote for Christians to the nihilism of the times. As such, I have to think of C&L as very much part of the heart of the true spirit of Vatican II.

James III

Fr. Meinrad was my spiritual director in college! I miss the school of community, there.

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