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Apr 01, 2006



Hey Steve, I feel just the same about the Bend. I think of it like The Shire. I miss the people and even our old neighborhood down at Notre Dame & Corby. (I lived in the PPH too, a few years after you.) In many ways ND is blessed to be in a place that is so plain, because it can be an invitation to look deeper.


Have you seen the Padre Pio House lately? It's been razed. The space will make for a nice ND built faculty home though . . .

It's odd to found something, see it continue, and see it end. Ah, well, c'est la vie!


No, I haven't been by and I didn't know that it had been razed. I guess Mr. Henry was getting a little too old to keep it up. Hope ND is able to do something good with it. PPH was great while it was around!


Hey Stephen, I'm glad the trip to South Bend was so enlightening and enjoyable for you. I do wish that a trip to Brenham would give you the same affect, but I understand how that cannot be. As usual, I miss our long conversations and your wise counsel. I pray that your new location in DC continues to bring you great happiness.


Carol, Believe me, visiting Brenham does bring me joy. In fact, I miss all of you very m uch. Brenham was difficult, and there is plenty there that I never want to go back to, but my relationship with all of you is not included in that. You, Maeben, John, Sarah, Gerald, Johnathan, Aaron, . . . (the list goes on) are still very important to me and a great sign of certainty for my life. I still pray for all of you everyday and I try to stay in touch as much as I can. I am always grateful for the many happy memories of I have of my time in Brenham. Those people who made my life difficult there, I pray for them too. What I want for everyone (the just and the unjust, lol) is a continued and deepened awareness of Christ who comes to all of my life and gives meaning and value to everything.

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