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May 01, 2006



wow...beautiful. thank you for sharing. have you read "The Four Loves" by C.S.?


Not to be too didatic but "Matrimony" is a sacrament instituted by Christ. It is the image of Christ and his Church between a man and a woman. It is between a baptized man and a baptized woman. On the other hand, "Marriage" is a natural institution. At Cana, God-become-man elevated this natural union to a sacrament.

A priest does not "marry" anyone. He or a deacon is simply the Church's official witness. The man and the woman exchange vows and marry each other. Of course, in the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church the blessing of the priest is also required.


I love it when a sentence starts out: "not to be ____ or anything" and then it is followed by a "but" which completely contradicts the stated desire. Yes, yes, I understand what you mean, but gimme a break, it's written in the vernacular. You know, the way normal people talk. Get a life.


"I love it when..." irony indeed! When "normal people" write and talk with great irony it's a wonder that any communication is possible. To have "get a life" as a response to some points for accuracy seems to be much less than charitable or just, BUT perhaps it's simply more irony! It's Hard to tell. It's a wonder that any communication is possible.


Dear Stephen,
thanks a lot for this post.I'll tell Max to read it (he doesn't have internet at work).You know ...we're going to get married on september the 16th.so wait for our-wedding-story.
see u soon

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