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Oct 11, 2007


Elisabetta Z

They didn't want a friend, they wanted to steal your freakin' ramen noodles... You got punked bro!


Probably . . . but greater things have come from more scurrilous beginnings . . . like the guy who climbed a tree to see who the guy getting all the attention was (probably so he could tax him later) only to find himself invited to host a dinner party for the man and his friends . . . doesn't matter how it starts on their part, but on my part I can't help but recognize something more true . . .

Elisabetta Z

I love you and your ability to link a twinkie with an encounter with Christ... Disturbing in a good way... Inflicting the comfortable who look at a twinkie and just see a twinkie...


So did the friendship grow? And you won best new blogger 2005, and yet you blog periodically :)?

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