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Nov 14, 2007



I am happy for your students! and you. ;)


Sure, he can read a book on his own. He could read Heidegger or Husserl or Sartre, Thomas Aquinas or Augustine or Maritain, any of these would help him begin down a path to think about this question of "What can I know with certainty?" but the only thing in my experience that has really helped with this question is the companionship of those who ask my questions with me.

One of the things that blew my mind when I read The Religious Sense was Fr Giussani's injunction that before we read what all the philosophers have said about life, we have to look at our own experience and our own heart. At the time, that seemed so counterintuitive to me.



I keep reading this post for some reason. It's so amazing, the whole meaning of life is contained in this experience, just like when John and Andrew met Jesus. They didn't stumble upon a formula, a textbook or a secret treasure box with instructions inside. They met a man who asked them, "What are you looking for?" Their response to this provocation contains the whole meaning of existence: "Where do you stay?" we don't need a formula to arrive at our destiny, but a companionship in which Destiny is present already.

I am excited to see you in a couple of days!



In front of this simplistic start that you have had at your school, and seeing you again during the past days...I have a renewed hope for the possibility of clu starting here. That is to say, I am making an effort to encounter this presence again by being simple. By starting at the level of what I desire, a friendship with someone who can be near me and help me live in a way that embraces who I am and my humanity.

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