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Oct 29, 2008



Those who mock christians for their faith in God and then put their faith in a man make me laughter.
I wish Obama will be a good President; but I already know that he will disappoint, because he is a man also. And, moreover, a man whose image has been built far greter than is probable real size.



So I have yet to see what is so great about obama, I knew he would win because people want to prove that they are not racist, and if it gets them to sleep at night then its a good line to run on. So of course don't alienate those people and when they are a majority you win.

Unfortunately people like the person that says nothing but says it in such an eloquent way that he makes the people who watch him feel like they are a step above everyone else, so then the arguments no longer rest on rationality but rather some built up ideal of superiority and here comes the grounds on which people say that politics should be taboo in conversation. It is at this point that nothing else matters, and this is the start of Nihilism. In this discourse there is no need for a Protagonist because if that protagonist shows his face then you realize how wrong you are, so instead you exalt the man and he becomes your new God.

sad state of affairs if you ask me, but I too fail even in front of the evidence, thank goodness reality calls me back time and time again.

I wish the new president the best of luck.


Wow... my first thought was of Frazer's Golden Bough, where he compares the myths of the Corn King and the Messiah... the Obamessiah is clearly the culmination of all of that! O:-) Ok, religion and literature nerd moment.

I just discovered this blog and its great... my first thought was, do I know you? I'm an ND '05 grad. :-)

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