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Feb 13, 2009



I've wrestled a bit with whether LC has a charism, but frankly I don't know enough about Maciel's writings or the formation of members. Also, I remember that discernment is a pastoral task for the Church, and will take grace, time, prayer, penance, humility, honesty, and work. As for whether a charism is there, I have to admit that these are "things too sublime for me" (or see Acts 5:38-39).

A charism after all is a spiritual gift, specifically a prophetic gift, which makes present Jesus Christ in a way that moves people in a particular circumstance. And yet charisms do come through people, and the lack of transparency of an individual can stunt the expression of the charism. There are certainly people in the world who have had authentic visions but lack the humility, honesty, education, and transparency to communicate it well. There are also people who build up for themselves a reputation for holiness without really moving anybody. It is also possible to cobble together a few ideas in such a way that it seems to be an original way of living the Christian life, but in the end goes nowhere.

Certainly, not every founder of a religious order is a saint, even if most had charisms. And not every or pope is a saint either even though every pope has a spiritual gift for the sake of the Church.

In the end, I have to put myself in the position of a member of LC/RC, someone who has dedicated his life to following Jesus in these movements. When I listen to the two priests in the EWTN video, I sympathize with their desire to retain the good.


where's the prayer..??

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