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Apr 22, 2009



Again, the problem is *honoring* him.


I don't have a problem with that either. It's an honorary degree. I don't think they're giving it to him because of his anti-life views. I'm not scandalized.


While CL claims that union with the Bishop is an ESSENTIAL aspect of Christian reality, I don't see CL openly aligning itself with the Bishop on this issue, as if unity with him were a question left to preference. The Bishop, not just any Bishop, but the Ordinary, has a real (emphasis on real, not ideological) problem with this. CL should, too, if it lives what it claims. Those in CL who prefer to take the "higher ground" are ending up in the clouds. Someone should tell them to put their feet on the ground, next to the Bishop's. If ecclesial unity is not real, Christ is not real.


I'm sorry, my ordinary has not said anything on this topic.

But I think you also overstep in your criticism. I'm with D'Arcy, I won't be attending the Commencement. However, I am not scandalized. Is that so hard to understand?

This invitation has not caused me to doubt the Church's teachings on human life. Nor has it caused me to believe that I could vote for or support a candidate who advocates the murder of the unborn.

More so, I think CL is with Bishop D'Arcy. I don't think we have to say "Obama should not have been invited," in order to be "with" Bishop D'Arcy. I don't think he would have a problem with our judgment. Have you asked him?

What I really wonder is why you want us so badly to "take a side." On this? Even if we take the "right" side, what is gained? Moral coherence? Is there something wrong with saying "There is something that comes before this controversy, thta is, the reason FOR a Catholic university to begin with, Jesus of Nazareth!" Is that somehow a "wrong" position in this controversy?

And to be very clear. I don't speak for CL. I belong to it, I follow it. I am a sinner. May God have mercy on me for my error. It certainly isn't for lack of trying to love him. Maybe it's merely my stupidity.

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