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Apr 07, 2009



Thanks, again, Stephen. I'm glad to know you.


That's written by Francis. He also writes for my blog.


With respect, how does this help? I agree that Christ is first, not politics, but are not to fight to redeem the whole world, including the political sphere? By accepting Obama you are not making an apolitical statement, you are just allowing anti-life forces to hold full sway in the political arena. Do you think that John Paul II was reducing Christianity to merely a 'morolistic, political idealogy' when he opposed the subjugation of Poland? Would you have preferred that he did nothing? I am genuinely curious.


There is a difference between having a serious conversation/debate with a pro-abortion candidate and doing what Norte Dame did. A Catholic university does not give an honorary degree in religion to someone who clearly does not understand Catholicism. Policies which devalue the human person are imposing some false man-made construct over God's law. There is nothing diverse or tolerant about legalized abortion and similar policies. This is not a question of political semantics. This is a question of who is calling the shots: God or man? Humanity cannot be in totality with God if we look to be are own gods.Man has the gift of reason, but reason must be in servitude with God's truth. Reason alone can rationalize anything and beget a "dictatorship of relativism." In the words of Whittaker Chambers, "the soul has a logic and it is more compelling then the minds." Knowledge and reason are useless if we use them to replace God. Every conceived creation is endowed by his creator; no man has the right to take that away. Yes, the issue of human sanctity goes beyond laws and policies; but what is the purpose of such institutions if not to be in adherence with God.

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